Improvements for the delegated administrators


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Business value

Provide partner users, acting as delegated administrators, with additional access and capabilities to help them service their customers better.

Feature details

With this release, we enable delegated administrators to perform more actions in the Business Central environment. These actions used to be only available to licensed customer users. This will enable partners to provide better support for their customers.

Job queues are used in numerous business-critical scenarios in Business Central today, yet our partners were unable to verify that the job queues they configured could actually run. For example, they couldn't tell whether they had the required permissions or license. Setting up and testing Business Central environments before handing them over to the customers is an essential task for partners (delegated administrators).

Regarding job queues, partners acting as delegated administrators can now perform the following activities:

  • Pause a job queue, which was scheduled by a licensed user.
  • Restart a failed job queue, which was scheduled by a licensed user. (This feature will ship later, with one of the minor updates.)
  • Run a job queue one time, for one full cycle, to verify that it works. They can call it as many times as needed before handing it over to the customer (licensed user) to start it as a recurrent job. After the job queue completes, it will be put in the on-hold status and can't be rescheduled.

Also with this release, delegated administrators can change the Business Central user experience from Essential to Premium on the Company Information page.

It's common that partner users are also registered as business-to-business (B2B) guest users in the customer's Azure directory—for example, in order to collaborate via Microsoft Teams. In the past, partner users invited as B2B guests would lose their delegated administration access to Business Central environments of the customer. With this release, partner users that have a delegated administration relationship with the customer will keep the same access to Business Central and the Business Central admin center, even if they're added as B2B guests. (This feature will ship later, with one of the minor updates.)

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