Delay exact price calculation for orders and quotes to improve performance


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Business value

Dynamics 365 Commerce supports the creation of discounts such as mix-and-match, threshold, and quantity discounts (multiline discounts). These discounts are applied when more than one sales line on the sales order or sales quote combine and become eligible for the discount. Whenever a new line is added to the order, the pricing engine evaluates the entire cart to determine whether any of these discounts can be applied. As the sales order gets larger, adding a new line gets slower. It's common for B2B companies and some B2C companies to have large order sizes, and therefore taking orders can become time consuming. This feature allows organizations to delay the price and discount calculation as a means to improving performance.

Feature details

With this feature, organizations can configure Commerce to delay the exact price and discount calculation for a sales order or sales quote as it's being created or edited in a call center. If the feature is enabled, the pricing engine only considers the sales line that is being added or edited and ignores the other sales lines. In this case, the net amount for an item includes the price calculation and simple discounts (for example, discount percentage or amount off on an individual item), but the mix-and-match, threshold, and quantity discounts aren't applied. The user can select Recalculate, Totals, or Complete if they want an exact calculation while adding sales lines.

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