Save customer addresses asynchronously for sync and async customers


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Users by admins, makers, or analysts Sep 3, 2021 Nov 5, 2021

Business value

Retail stores and e-commerce sites commonly capture a customer's shipping address. In a retail store, the address is usually captured on the cashier's counter during checkout. Similarly, on an e-commerce site, a customer usually provides their shipping address during checkout. For any shopping channel, it's important that the address capture is fast and reliable, so that the customer can complete the checkout quickly. Any glitches during the checkout process can result in an abandoned cart or transaction. With this feature, asynchronous customer address creation decouples the address creation to the availability of the headquarters app.

Feature details

With this feature, when a new address is saved on any customer profile from a point of sale (POS) or e-commerce site, it will be saved asynchronously to the headquarters. That way, the performance and reliability relating to saving customer addresses is improved. For both sync and async customers, the address will be initially saved in the channel database and then will be synced to headquarters using the P-job and Synchronize customers and channel requests job. If this feature is enabled, any number of customer addresses can be captured for async customers.

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