Distributed hybrid topology


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The distributed hybrid topology extends the supply chain management enterprise cloud hub, with one or more vertical scale units in the cloud or on the edge.

Elements of the distributed hybrid topology.

Scale units run business processes in vertical domains near or where the work occurs to increase resilience and provide higher reliability, extra performance, and maximum uptime.

Distributed supply chain topology.

Scale units can run either in the cloud (in an Azure data center closer to where the work occurs) or on edge hardware running physically on site. Each scale unit runs one or more workloads, each of which provides support for a set of vertical functionalities (such as warehousing or manufacturing).

Scale unit in the distributed hybrid topology for supply chain management.

Distributed hybrid topologies for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management have been available since late 2020, and we have continuously expanded and improved its capabilities with each release since then. For the 2021 release wave 2, we're introducing these enhancements to the topology platform and the out-of-the-box workloads for vertical functionality:

  • Enhancements for the cloud scale unit platform.
  • Capabilities enabling edge scale units, which allow you to run workloads on-premises in your local facility while being connected or temporarily disconnected from the cloud hub.
  • Enhancements for topology deployment and lifecycle management capabilities.
  • Incremental enhancements for the out-of-the box vertical workload functionality in warehouse and manufacturing execution.