Updates to manufacturing feature states with version 10.0.21


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Users by admins, makers, or analysts Aug 2, 2021 Oct 1, 2021

Business value

Turning on features by default helps customers stay current with the latest manufacturing capabilities of Supply Chain Management.

Feature details

Manufacturing features enabled by default starting in version 10.0.21

The following features will be turned on by default, but can still be manually disabled. The features are all targeted to become mandatory with 2022 release wave 1.

  • License plate for reporting as finished added to the Job Card Device
  • Improvements to the Approve and Transfer jobs dialogs: Adds two new fields (Approval group and From date) to the Approve and Transfer jobs dialogs. These fields improve the overview of which jobs are going to be approved or transferred.
  • Enable automatic generation of license plate number when reporting as finished in the job card device: Makes it possible to configure whether the license plate number should be automatically generated or entered manually when reporting as finished from the job card device.
  • Enable partial receipt of subcontracted items and fix an issue with the calculation of scrap for BOM lines of type Vendor: Enables partial receipt of subcontracted items. Previously, when reporting a partial quantity on a purchase order for a subcontracted service item, the full quantity was updated on the related picking list journal on the production order. Now, the correct partial received quantity is updated. This feature also fixes an issue with an incorrect updated scrap quantity when using BOM lines of type Vendor.
  • A new Stop break button has been added to the Job Card Terminal page: Adds a new Stop break button, which is needed when the parameter Lock employee is selected on the Configure Job Card Terminal page. When the Lock employee parameter is selected, the Job Card Terminal page does not return to the sign-in page when a worker makes registrations (for example, when a worker registers a break). With this configuration, workers must select Stop break when returning from a break in order to continue the current job or register on any other activity.
  • Print label from Job Card Device: Enables printing a label when reporting as finished from the job card device. The label is part of document routing and enabled in the Configure job card for devices page.
  • Feature for locking job card device and job card terminal so that they can be sanitized
  • Dynamics 365 Guides for Manufacturing
  • Saved views for production control
  • Production floor execution