Work breaks and tracking updates for Landed cost


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Business value

Businesses using the Landed cost module can automatically update estimated to actual arrival dates of imported goods based on existing putaway records in the system. This improves accuracy and reduces the need for manual data entry. It furthermore enhances goods-in-transit orders to enable warehouse managers to better manage warehouse work by leveraging functionality already available for purchase orders.

Feature details

This feature enhances the Landed cost module for Supply Chain Management by adding two important new capabilities: tracking updates and work breaks. The tracking update feature enables the system to automatically update the date of arrival of imported goods based on existing records of warehouse putaway work. The work breaks feature enables businesses to gain more detailed control over putaway work for goods-in-transit orders by leveraging familiar functionality already available for purchase orders.

Tracking updates

This feature enables the Landed cost module to accurately record the date of arrival for imported goods. It works by automatically updating the actual completion date for each relevant activity tracking record to match the date at which the related goods are put away at your warehouse. The feature helps to ensure accurate arrival records without relying on manual data entry.

Because this feature works based on inventory transactions, it can also make use of inventory arrival journals and therefore works with advanced warehouse management and the transportation management module.

Work breaks

Previously, the goods-in-transit order receiving process didn't support warehouse work templates with header breaks. This feature adds that support to enable inventory transactions to be split during the goods-in-transit receiving process, which provides the following benefits:

  • Warehouse managers can establish work break rules to split large putaway jobs into smaller ones based on item, location, stocking limits, or other factors.
  • Work break functionality correctly handles under- and over-deliveries and makes all appropriate adjustments to the underlying data.
  • Workers can complete or cancel each work header independently.
  • The system correctly handles canceled work for goods-in-transit orders, including after an over-delivery transaction and after applying work breaks. The related goods-in-transit and purchase orders are also automatically updated as appropriate.

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