Enhanced support for full feature lifecycle in Feature management


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Users, automatically Aug 2, 2021 Oct 1, 2021

Business value

This feature makes it easier for customers to stay up to date with the latest features and capabilities provided by Finance and Operations apps and helps to ensure customers are prepared for when features become mandatory.

Feature details

Microsoft product teams will now be able to update the state of optional features to be On by default. Previously, the only option for a feature to progress through its lifecycle after being released was to transition it directly to Mandatory, which does not permit the feature to be turned off. The ability to change a feature to be On by default has been added to provide an intermediate step between features being released and features becoming mandatory.

Features in the On by default state are automatically turned on, though organizations will be able to disable these features if more time is needed to validate them. The grid in the Feature management workspace has also been modified to clearly denote feature state (Preview, Released, On by default, Mandatory) in the new Feature state column.

To help set expectations for when features are expected to transition between states once released, we've made some changes to the documented feature lifecycle and corresponding timelines for features in Feature management. Please read the Feature management overview topic for more details, including some examples of typical timelines for feature progression from Released to On by default to Mandatory.

Important dates

These dates represent the current targets for this feature as it progresses toward becoming mandatory for all customers. The dates are subject to change.

Feature stage Version Date
Mandatory 10.0.21 October 2021

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