AL compiler diagnostic messages includes URLs


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically Dec 7, 2021 Dec 7, 2021

Business value

When you compile or run code analyzers, diagnostic messages can appear in the form of error, warning, or informational messages. To help resolve such diagnostic issues, these now contain a URL for additional documentation on what is causing the issue and options for how to resolve the issue.

Feature details

Having links in diagnostic messages from compilation or code analyzers will support linking to additional, relevant documentation about the cause of the issue as well as options for how to resolve it.

Note that in this first release, there are now documentation pages on Docs for all diagnostic issues and URL links from compiler output diagnostics. Still, in the beginning, the documentation will be very shallow and mainly contain the message. We ask partners to help with feedback on Docs on which topics to prioritize more documentation on and share feedback on what content would be useful to help resolve issues. Based on this, the documentation will hopefully grow over the coming releases, and the knowledge among partners will be shared through tips and tricks on causes and fixes, lowering the time spent on each diagnostic.

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