Data archive extension and archiving entries before deleting in Date Compress batch jobs


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Business value

Over time, your business will accumulate a substantial amount of data, and as an administrator, it's a good idea to have a strategy for compressing and archiving data. Having lots of data can slow things down and, additionally, large amounts of data can lead to increased storage costs. By archiving the entries before compressing, you can keep a record of the historical data.

Feature details

An application administrator must regularly deal with the amount of data stored in a Business Central database. This can be done by deleting or compressing some of the historical documents and data.

When using date compression functionality, related entries are consolidated into a single entry, and the originals are deleted. However, there might be value in keeping that data, so rather than deleting it, you can archive it for later use. To manage this archiving, we are delivering a Data Archive extension so you can archive the data and explore it afterward using Microsoft Excel or as a CSV file.

The extension is preinstalled and available on the Extension Management page, so you don't need to do anything to get started. The extension is also available on Microsoft AppSource in case you want to reinstall it.

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