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Business value

You can assign a base unit of measure to items, but sometimes items serve more than one purpose and are sold, received, or consumed in different measures in sales, purchase, and production processes. That means it's important to be able to handle items in alternate units of measure, depending on the process, and accurately convert those measures to the base unit of measure.

Feature details

You can specify a rounding precision for base units of measure to guide users on what to enter for a given business process, and reduce rounding issues when using alternate units of measure.

When an item serves different purposes, you can set up alternate units of measure for it. The base unit of measure for the item defines how you store it, and the alternate units of measure define how you handle it in purchase, production, or sales documents. For example, you may buy the item on pallets and only use single pieces in production.

When you use alternate units of measure, the value in the Qty. per Unit of Measure field helps calculate the quantity in base unit of measure, which can lead to rounding issues.

For example, you're receiving 1 box that contains 6 items from your supplier. When the items arrive at the warehouse, you discover that 1 of the 6 items is missing. You decide not to post the receipt of 1 box, but to change quantity to 5/6 pieces instead. That will be converted to a receipt of 4.99998 pieces. To receive a whole number, the Quantity Rounding Precision field lets you specify a value that will, for example, convert the quantity to 5 pieces.

Quantity Rounding Precision

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