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Users, automatically Sep 2, 2021 Oct 1, 2021

Business value

Within Business Central, the user can communicate via emails with the relevant business parties and generate these mails in a structured and professional way using Word templates to combine the Word text with information from Business Central.

Feature details

The Send Email action is now available on the Business Central entities that have an email address, such as customers, contacts, vendors, salesperson/purchasers, employee, users, and bank accounts pages. You can now compose and send emails from any page that displays the entity. When you do, Business Central keeps the link between the entity to which the email is sent and the email itself, giving you a record of the emails that were sent to each entity.

When you compose an email for an entity—for example, on the Vendor Card page—you can use Word templates to apply standard and personalized content to the business communication, without having to re-enter the content. The Word template will create the content of the email, and can personalize it by using the mail merge features in Word to add data from the entity in Business Central.

Additionally, you can attach the finished document to the email. Attaching the document provides additional flexibility, because the auto-generated content from the template speeds up the process of creating the email, while allowing you to manually personalize the content of the message.

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