Subscription billing – recurring contract billing


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Business value

Organizations often employ complex pricing and billing practices that can be difficult to manage. This feature allows greater control over billing per item and contract, lets you automate and evergreen renewals, enables flexible pricing models, and improves insight into recurring billing.

Flexible billing lets you consolidate invoices, which saves you time and lets you provide your customers with a complete and accurate invoice if there are multiple billing schedules.

Organizations typically use a variety of methods to invoice their customers. Being able to invoice based on consumption, meter readings, or usage lets your organization use Dynamics 365 Finance to support your specific business processes. Pricing can be adjusted based on the quantity to be invoiced.

Feature details

Recurring billing and price management allows greater control with management of pricing and billing parameters at the line-item level. Contracts can be set up to have automated and evergreen renewals. The Monthly recurring revenue report provides insight into recurring billing, which can help you forecast more accurately.

You can consolidate invoices by the customer if there are multiple billing schedules. You can also consolidate multiple billing schedule lines into a single billing line.

Flexible pricing is critical to invoicing customers. Invoicing through subscription billing can be based on consumption, meter readings, or usage. For example, consumption can be entered manually or entered through entity import. Meter readings can be entered and used as the beginning reading for the next period. Invoices can be created based on usage with price tiers or pricing adjustments based on quantity to be invoiced.

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