Available-to-promise for the Inventory Visibility Add-in


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Users by admins, makers, or analysts Mar 21, 2022 Apr 26, 2022

Business value

Available-to-promise (ATP) functionality for the Inventory Visibility Add-in can greatly increase your order fulfillment capability. It provides visibility into future stock levels and can query the next available date for orders. This reduces the risks of losing sales opportunities and overstocking on inventory (which can have cost impact). Most importantly, it provides insights into foreseen potential stock disruptions and the opportunity to act against it.

Feature details

Recalculate inventory based on a specified date and period

Retailers and manufacturers can check inventory for a specified day or ask for the next available dates for products, which is especially useful to support online customer queries and bulk orders. ATP functionality lets you select a recalculation date or period when querying inventory on hand. It also lets you check availability when reserving or allocating products. Each time you select a recalculation date and submit a query, the system performs an instance check and recalculates the latest inventory changes. The latest inventory information for the selected date or period (including transaction statuses (physical measures) and calculated measures) will be returned as the result of the query.

View future seven-day availability with rolling calculations

The system supports up to seven days of rolling calculations and updates of inventory data.

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