Inventory Visibility on-hand query support for WMS-enabled items


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Users by admins, makers, or analysts Mar 15, 2022 Sep 13, 2022

Business value

Businesses using warehouse management processes (WMS) are now able to leverage the Inventory Visibility service to make near real-time inventory on-hand queries of all warehouse items. With this enhancement, the Inventory Visibility service calculates WMS-enabled items correctly, regardless of which hierarchical level the items are stored in.

Feature details

The Inventory Visibility Add-in supports on-hand quantity queries for WMS-enabled items, regardless of whether each item has WMS-specific reservation operations (such as being reserved for WMS work at the WMS location level).

In the previous release, Inventory Visibility didn't always correctly calculate on-hand inventory of WMS-enabled items and didn't include WMS reservation logic. For example, suppose you had a WMS item stored at location A under warehouse 1 (where WMS management is enabled), created a sales order, reserved a quantity of one for this order, and then released the order to warehouse. Then you reserved a quantity of one at a WMS location for the sales order pick work. In this case, Inventory Visibility would erroneously deduct two units from the total quantity because it didn't recognize the full warehouse hierarchy. With this enhancement, inventory of reserved WMS-enabled items will be calculated just as accurately as for non-WMS items.

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