Planning Optimization support for capable-to-promise (CTP)


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Business value

Capable-to-promise (CTP) support in Planning Optimization enables manufacturers to provide their customers with reliable order-promising dates directly from the sales order.

Feature details

Manufacturers and other companies with make-to-order product portfolios can provide confirmed ship and receipt dates based on detailed CTP calculations made by Planning Optimization. Each time you run a dynamic master plan, a new process called CTP for Planning Optimization calculates confirmed dates for each sales order line as required.

Planning Optimization makes CTP calculations that consider both the related material constraints and the related capacity constraints. During master planning, Planning Optimization uses the results of these calculations to create the planned supply needed to fulfill the related demand, and generates planned orders that can automatically be firmed as desired.

Planning Optimization benefits

With Planning Optimization, companies can benefit from:

  • Significantly improved performance and scalability with in-memory processing.
  • Minimized system impact on other processes made possible by running master planning as a separate service.
  • Near real-time insights into requirement changes, achieved by running master planning several times daily during office hours.

Learn more about Planning Optimization

For more information about the Planning Optimization migration process and answers to frequently asked questions, see Migration to Planning Optimization for master planning.

Order promising with capable-to-promise (CTP).

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