Optimize loading of Action center notifications


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Users by admins, makers, or analysts Apr 22, 2022 Jul 1, 2022

Business value

This feature provides improved performance in starting a new session or loading a page, particularly for users with large numbers of notifications in the system.

Feature details

Traditionally, Action center messages were loaded starting with the oldest notification for the user and iteratively over time retrieving newer messages. With this approach, it could take a long time for users to see the newest and most relevant messages since they last signed in. This feature optimizes how Action center messages are retrieved by simply loading the 100 newest messages. Users can select See all in the Action center to browse or filter through older messages. New messages received while the user is signed in will continue to display in the Action center.

Important dates

These dates represent the current targets for this feature as it progresses toward becoming mandatory for all customers. The dates are subject to change.

Feature stage Version Date
Generally available 10.0.27 July 2022
On by default 10.0.29 October 2022
Mandatory 10.0.32 April 2023