Create individualized journeys by adding conditions based on attributes captured as part of the event trigger


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically - - Apr 27, 2022

Business value

Dynamics 365 Marketing enables you to trigger journeys using a large catalog of event triggers, including out-of-the-box triggers and custom triggers that you create. Now, you can also control what type of action that causes an event trigger should qualify a customer for a journey. For instance, to re-engage buyers who have abandoned carts, you may only qualify buyers who have more than $20 in their cart for a journey that gives a $10 coupon incentive. This feature eliminates the need for a developer to add qualifying logic where the event trigger happens (the cart page in the above example), empowering you and your marketing team to more flexibly reuse the same event trigger for a variety of scenarios.

Feature details

  • Add one or more filter conditions on top of an event trigger to further qualify who can enter a customer journey.
  • Gain more control over your journeys by filtering triggers that are used to start, exit, branch, or measure journey goals.

Trigger and drive journeys for a specified customer action.

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