Move sequences between environments seamlessly to enable sellers to get started quickly


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically - - May 13, 2022

Business value

Accelerate the lifecycle of sequences between environments by enabling administrators with better deployment solutions. This functionality will ease the deployment of sequences to sales organizations. Administrators will be able to easily move finalized sequences from test to production environments, or any other environment.

Feature details

Organizations use staging (non-production) environments to set up and test complex steps, such as sequences, assignment rules, and segments. Organizations then use the staging environments to test these steps to avoid any disruption in their operations, saving time and money. Also, the staging environments help in training the sellers.

Administrators and sales managers can now migrate sequences along with their dependent entities from one environment to the other.

Screenshot showing export of a solution, including sequences

Screenshot showing import of a solution

Screenshot showing missing dependencies for a sequence

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