Quickly implement sequences using ready-to-use and preconfigured templates


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Business value

Template sequences can help customers to accelerate your sales processes with faster and easier implementation. These sequences are defined based on industry best practices and proven business processes to help you determine a consistent approach to connect with your customers.

Key business benefits:

  • Ready-to-use and preconfigured sequences
  • Based on industry best practices and proven business processes
  • Faster and easier implementation
  • Provide guidance on usage of various branching and other sequence capabilities

Feature details

You can use sequence templates to quickly get started with sequences. Sequence templates provide a set of activities to guide sellers with the next best action to take in a specific scenario, such as getting introduced to a lead and winning the deal.

Sequence templates are available for common scenarios, such as an incoming lead on a website. You can customize the template by adding and removing steps in accordance with your organization's requirements. The following templates are available by default:

  • Follow up when contacts don't show up
  • High volume outbound prospecting
  • Invite to an upcoming event
  • Meeting for product demo requests
  • Upcoming account renewal
  • Webinar follow up

Screenshot of a sequence template

Screenshot of a sequence template for high-volume outbound prospecting

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