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Business value

Power Automate empowers customers to create their own workflows using a low-code/no-code approach with a vast amount of connectors that make it easy to integrate systems. Dynamics 365 Business Central is no exception and provides multiple integration features that are already released. One new and valuable scenario added now is the ability to trigger a flow manually from inside Business Central. This opens up a possibility for every customer and citizen developer to automate tasks and workflows precisely when and how they need them.

With this release, you can boost your business management system by customizing using Power Automate instant actions launched from any card page. Run workflows of your choice and command Business Central to trigger actions based on Power Automate, e.g., send an update via Teams or email, update the order status, notify your warehouse about changed delivery, etc.

Feature details

With this new capability, users can create and then manually trigger an instant Power Automate flow for a given record, such as a customer, item, or sales order. Any organization can now create flows that integrate Business Central with other products in a seamless and no-code approach.

Every list, card, and document page that runs in the context of a data table now features a new Automate group in the action bar. From that group, users can run manual flows defined for Business Central.

The first action in the Automate group adds a new flow based on a new Business Central trigger for Power Automate. While they create the flow in Power Automate, the citizen developer is presented with a choice of values that are passed from Business Central, including the record ID, environment, company, and more. Once added and defined in Power Automate, the new flow shows up on the card or document page. From this moment, users can run the flow from Business Central through a special Power Automate flyout pane where they can specify extra values.

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This feature is not switched on by default, so an admin must go to the Feature Management page first to switch it on.


This feature is not available in on-premises version of Business Central.

The new Automate group and actions on a customer list.

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