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Business value

By making continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) virtually free in terms of investment, more partners adopt this practice, which leads to a higher quality in apps for Business Central.

Feature details

When you create a new GitHub repository, you can base it on either the PTE or the AppSource App template repository. Both types of repos give you a fully functional GitHub repository for AL projects, in which you can create your new app or add your existing app.

  • Create a new app by using the Create a new app or the Create a new test app workflow.
  • Add an existing app by simply uploading the .app file to the Add existing app or test app workflow.
  • Apps added are automatically included in the CI/CD workflow.
  • Test execution and reporting is automatically handled for all test apps, and every successful build produces artifacts that are stored on the build for 90 days, which is the GitHub default period.
  • Create an actual release by using the Create Release workflow.
  • Every successful release is stored indefinitely, and the source for this release is available indefinitely as well.

A customer environment can be linked to the GitHub repository for continuous or manual deployment setup.

The Update AL-Go System Files workflow ensures that repositories always use the latest version of the workflows and actions and never get stale.

You can create local Docker-based and online SaaS development environments with all apps prepublished and ready for Rapid Application Development.

Read about the supported scenarios at AL-Go for GitHub and try it today.

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