Change default company bank account on sales and service documents


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Business value

Companies today use multiple bank accounts at different banks, which reduces the costs of handling financial transactions, limits currency risks, and so on. Also, more and more companies use electronic sales invoices that need to include the bank account that the company expects to get paid. Being able to change the bank account on sales and service documents adds flexibility to directing customer payments.

Feature details

You can now set default bank accounts for companies, and for individual currencies, by choosing Use as Default for Currency on the Bank Account page.

Show new Use as Default for Currency field on Bank Account Page.

When an order processor creates a sales document, the default bank account is automatically assigned based on currency specified in the Company Bank Account Code field.

Shows company bank account selection on sales order.

When you post sales or service documents, the selected bank account is copied to the Company Bank Account Code field on the posted documents. Users who have the appropriate permissions can change the default bank account by choosing a different account in the Company Bank Account Code field.

Printed documents also contain details about the selected bank account.

Show company bank account on Update posted document page.

Additionally, partners can extend bank account selection and defaulting logic on sales documents to fit the needs of specific industries and customers.

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