Demo tool and demo data for manufacturing scenarios


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Business value

To help partners demonstrate the premium capabilities of Business Central, we are making a demo tool and demo data available for manufacturing scenarios.

Feature details

The demo tool and demo data set is available for scenarios in manufacturing as a Contoso Coffee extension that you can install in any environment. Presales specialists can run the tool on top of Cronus or My Company and get the setup and demo data they'll need when they demonstrate various scenarios in the manufacturing space. Both the demo tool and the demo data are available on the on-premises product media as source code.

The Contoso Coffee app provides four products that are optimized for different scenarios:

  • SP-SCM1009 Airpot

    This product is a bill of material (BOM) with a subassembly, Routing. Use it to demonstrate the standard production flow. It's set up with alternative routings that you can use to demonstrate various scenarios that involve subcontractors. The costing method is Standard.

  • SP-SCM1011 Airpot Duo

    This product requires item tracking and has a component that also requires item tracking. The costing method is Special.

  • SP-SCM1004 Autodrip

    This product is a BOM with a subassembly, Routing. We recommend it to demonstrate the various flushing methods both for components and operations. The costing method is Standard.

  • SP-SCM1008 AutoDripLite

    This product has three variants and three BOMs that can be assigned to stockkeeping units. The product uses the phantom BOM concept. The costing method is Standard.

The manufacturing activities for all scenarios use the NORTH location.


Before you run any of the scenarios for Contoso Coffee, post any item journal lines with opening balances. For more requirements, see Set up Contoso Coffee data.


The Contoso Coffee demo data currently supports the following scenarios for test and training:

  • Create a new production BOM and BOM version
  • Create a new routing
  • Create a firm planned production order and change it
  • Combine automatic and manual flushing
  • Use order planning to create and reserve supply
  • Set up and process a subcontracting operation
  • Set up new capacity
  • Demand forecast for item variants

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