Standardizing the bank reconciliation process in North American versions


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Business value

Bank reconciliation in North American versions is now done through the standard Bank Reconciliation page, which has been improved to support the same tasks as the Bank Rec. Worksheet did in those versions. The Bank Rec. Worksheet page that was specific to North American versions will be removed in April 2023.

Feature details

Bank reconciliation in the North American (NA) versions for the United States, Canada, and Mexico can be done either through the standard Bank Reconciliation page or with the Bank Rec. Worksheet page, which was missing some of the newer features that the Bank Reconciliation page offers. To standardize the bank reconciliation process, we have modified the Bank Reconciliation page, added a feature for deposits that is the same as we provide for the NA version today, and added capabilities to allow users to reconcile deposits.

In addition, header and footer fields help ensure that users have the same overview of outstanding checks and payments as they had in the NA versions. The Bank Statement Report (posted bank reconciliations) is improved to show more detailed information on the G/L balance and outstanding checks and payments than the current NA version of the Test reports. The standard version of the Test report is improved accordingly.

In the standard side-by-side bank reconciliation, all users can import bank statements (.csv files), use automatic matching, post and reconcile deposits, and get a better overview of related data during bank reconciliation through on-page information such as a test report as well as a more audit-friendly report for posted bank reconciliations.

A standardized version of deposits, called Bank Deposits, is available to all users. When you turn on the standardized bank reconciliation feature on the Feature Management page, you will also turn on Bank Deposits. You can still view posted deposits made with the old feature.

If you have used the Bank Reconciliation Worksheet page to do bank reconciliations you can still review your posted bank reconciliations and print reports for them.

In April 2023, users must use the Bank Reconciliation page for bank reconciliations. The Bank Rec. Worksheet and Deposits will no longer be available.

By default, the Bank Reconciliation page is turned on for new customers. To turn on the Bank Reconciliation Worksheet page and use it instead, you must turn off the new feature in Feature Management.

The following pages and reports are marked as Obsolete in this release:

  • PAG 10120 Bank Rec. Worksheet
  • REP 10407 Bank Rec. Test Report
  • REP 10406 Bank Rec. Process Lines

For the Deposits feature, the following objects are marked as obsolete in this release:

  • Page 10140 Deposit
  • Table 10140 "Deposit Header"
  • Page 10146 "Deposit List"
  • Codeunit 10140 "Deposit-Post"
  • Codeunit 10142 "Deposit-Post + Print"
  • Codeunit 10141 "Deposit-Post (Yes/No)"
  • Page 36646 Deposits
  • Page 10141 "Deposit Subform"
  • Report 10402 "Deposit Test Report"

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