Prevent order splitting by DOM based on order value or included products


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically Oct 14, 2022 Feb 3, 2023

Business value

The partial order rule in Distributed Order Management (DOM) enables an organization to define the maximum number of locations allowed to fulfill an order. If the number is not one (1), a sales order or sales line might be split by DOM and assigned to multiple shipping locations. However, in some circumstances, retailers may not want the order to be split, and may prefer the entire order to be fulfilled by single location. For example, fulfilling a small value order from multiple locations may not be cost-efficient, or an order with packaging material included is required to be fulfilled by single location. This feature aims to enhance the existing partial order rule to support such additional constraints.

Feature details

When this feature is enabled, an organization can define an order total threshold or list of products as additional constraints when setting up a partial order rule in DOM. That way, the DOM engine will prevent order splitting if the order total is below the defined threshold or the order contains defined products.

Maximum fulfilling locations, Fulfill partial orders, and Fulfill partial lines parameters settings have been moved to the Rule details section on the redesigned rule configuration page.