Use Store Commerce app with network peripheral support


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Business value

Retailers with iOS and Android devices can benefit from the robust and performant Store Commerce app. This app provides more deployment choices, improved performance, easier updates, and better long-term framework support for both iOS and Android device administrators and users. The Store Commerce app in Dynamics 365 Commerce is the next generation offering for physical stores. It unifies Modern Point of Sale and Cloud Point of Sale (CPOS) into a single app and offers superior application lifecycle management (ALM).

Feature details

Previous versions of the Store Commerce app and the hybrid app for iOS and Android were shipped as source code in the Retail SDK. Developers were required to build these apps to generate the packages, but there was no support for native hardware integration on iOS. To simplify the app ALM experience, the Store Commerce app for iOS and Android will be published to the iOS and Android stores as native apps for retailers to download and use. The app will host CPOS with support for some network hardware devices like printers, scanners, and payment terminals.

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