Electronic Invoicing service – Configurable Polish e-invoice and integration


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Business value

The Electronic Invoicing service, Microsoft's platform offering of a no-code/low-code e-invoicing solution, allows businesses to fully automate the electronic invoicing process end to end. This includes issuing Sales, Free text, Project, and Advance invoices to submitting electronic invoices to the tax authorities for clearance purposes.

This feature provides compliance with the legal requirements for electronic invoicing in Poland.

Feature details

Poland introduces, in phases, legislation to establish the continuous transaction control (CTC) system. The Polish CTC system, called Krajowy System of e-Faktur (KSeF), was made available for all taxpayers in 2022 for voluntary adoption. The KSeF platform supports issuing, receiving, and archiving e-invoicing for business to business (B2B), and when requested by a customer for business to consumer (B2C) transactions. Starting January 1, 2024, the KSeF system will be rolled out as mandatory for all companies that are subject to VAT.

To comply with these legal requirements, the following functionality is implemented:

  • Ability to generate XML files of Sales, Project, and Advance electronic invoices in the legally required format provided by KSeF.
  • Ability to integrate with the KSeF services to enable automatic submission of generated electronic invoices to Polish tax authorities.


The Configurable Polish e-invoice and integration feature is available only as a capability within Electronic Invoicing service.

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