Guided warehouse implementation experience


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Business value

The new rapid implementation and configuration experience dramatically reduces the implementation time and cost of setting up warehouse operations in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. In many cases, warehouse professionals will be able to set up, maintain, and optimize the configuration without assistance from specialized consultants.

Feature details

The warehouse management solution for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management provides a rich and flexible set of capabilities that can be combined and configured to support a plethora of warehouse layouts and operational scenarios. This release adds features that guide warehouse professionals through simple implementation and configuration choices that will help them set up the warehouse solution quickly. New tools and visualizations help warehouse managers set up their warehouses to optimize warehouse processes. This is achieved through the following new capabilities:

  • Wizard-driven setup of warehouse management parameters
  • Wizard-driven warehouse configuration
  • Warehouse implementation workspace for setting up the Warehouse management module
  • Simplified query view of location directives
  • Simulation of location directive setups
  • Visualization of location directive paths

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