Saved views performance enhancement


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Users by admins, makers, or analysts Aug 1, 2022 Oct 1, 2022

Business value

Users can get more work done with this saved views feature enabled due to pages with custom default views loading faster.

Feature details

Traditionally with saved views, the personalizations related to the default view were applied late in the form lifecycle, after the page query was initially executed. This could result in a data query being executed at least one more time, if the default view contained personalizations that impacted the query, such as added fields, modified filters, or changes to sorting.

The Saved views performance enhancement feature improves the performance of loading the default view on page load by minimizing the number of times the query is executed. This is accomplished by modifying when certain parts of the default view are applied so that all query-related changes are in place when the form initially executes its query.

This feature creates a potential for change in behavior on the page due to when aspects of the default view are applied. In particular, any code impacting the query in the OnPostRun event handler of the form will be run after the view query is executed instead of before. Customers should evaluate any query-impacting code in this event handler on their forms before enabling this feature.

Important dates

These dates represent the current targets for this feature as it progresses toward becoming mandatory for all customers. The dates are subject to change.

Feature stage Version Date
Generally available 10.0.29 October 2022
On by default 10.0.32 April 2023
Mandatory 10.0.36 October 2023

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