Drive engagement at scale with audience-specific content


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Business value

Conditional content helps deliver highly tailored content to drive engagement. Make conditional content reusable by saving it in a content block. Anyone on your team can then reuse these advanced personalized content blocks in different messages to achieve personalization at scale with ease and efficiency.

Feature details

  • Content blocks are great for creating a variety of reusable rich content. Content blocks can include multiple sections with their own layouts and elements.

  • Conditional content can include multiple content variations in a single message. Selecting which content to deliver for which audience is done using conditions defined in a marketer-friendly user experience (no coding required).

  • Advanced personalized content blocks combine these reusable and personalized content capabilities. Save conditional content within a content block to make it reusable, allowing other team members to use content in multiple messages to deliver highly targeted content at scale.

  • Use cases for advanced personalized content blocks include:

    • Differentiated company contact information, depending on the recipient’s location.
    • Varying offers, depending on loyalty program membership levels.
    • Delivering required legal text in the language that matches the recipient’s language preference.
    • A content block that delivers different discounts (for example, 10%, 20%, or 30% off) using unique criteria to qualify each recipient.

Screenshot shows an advanced personalized content block.

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