Fine-tune email communications with filtered lists


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Business value

Including an entire list in an email is a common scenario. But there are times when it is more effective to only include items from a list that meet certain conditions. For example, in a confirmation email about an order, you may need to separately list items that are back-ordered. Similarly, communication about a multi-session conference is easier to consume if the sessions are organized by topic or track. Now, you can easily achieve these scenarios by simply adding a filter to your email list.

Feature details

  • Use filters to organize lists within your emails by, for example, topics, tracks, locations, dates, courses, items in the order, or coupons.
  • Only include list items that match certain conditions.
  • Bring clarity to your customers by organizing lists when creating emails for conferences, newsletters, travel itineraries, or order confirmations.

Define a list

Add a list filter

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