Use customer support swarming for complex cases


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Business value

Customer support swarming enables agents to bring together the right experts across their organization to resolve complex cases faster.

Feature details

Enhancements to customer support swarming include the following highlights:

  • Streamlined administrator experience:

    • Administrators don't have to include default participants in a swarm. However, they have the option to choose one or more default participants.

      Default participant addition is no longer required

    • With the rich text editor experience, administrators can customize the appearance of the agent guide, making it easy to style and format the guide to call attention to important information.

      Rich text editor

  • Richer agent and expert experience:

    • Agents can resolve, reactivate, cancel, and edit a swarm.

      Swarm state

    • If no experts are matched for the swarm, a warning message is displayed.

      Swarm experts not matched

    • When the swarm state changes or if a note or task is created, a bot notification is sent in the swarm chat, ensuring that all the chat participants are aware of the change.

      Bot message

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