Move custom fields to extensions during cloud migration


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically - Jan 9, 2023

Business value

This added functionality will make it faster and easier to migrate data from custom fields in a Business Central on-premises database to your Business Central online database.

Feature details

Most Business Central on-premises customers have additional fields added to the base data tables. Partners have added fields to important tables like Customers, Items, Sales Invoices, and so on.

During cloud migration, this data needs to be split between the main extension and table extensions. Currently, this operation is very time consuming, and it’s a custom manual task for each cloud migration.

With this feature, we enhance the capabilities of the Migration Table Mappings page to let you move a set of fields out of the main table to another table or table extension. For example, suppose that you've added two custom fields to the Customer table in Business Central on-premises. You want to move these two custom fields to a table extension in Business Central online. If you define a table extension mapping, then the engine will move a subset of fields to the table extension.

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