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Users, automatically Sep 1, 2022 Oct 1, 2022

Business value

A new Automate group that was introduced in the previous release was hidden under a feature management flag per the standard process.

In this release, the Automate group appears on most pages because the feature flag has been removed. The appearance of the Automate group could lead to questions from administrators and users who aren't interested in Automate. As a result, a new setting is available to customers that lets them opt out of Automate. Also, individual users can be "opted out" by using a new permission entry for Automate.

Feature details

When a user signs in to a new company for the first time, this feature displays the Get started with Power Automate action in the Automate" group.

Get started with Power Automate action

The Get started with Power Automate action opens a new wizard that consists of some onboarding information and links and the necessary privacy notice. When accepted by the administrator, all the users will be able to see the Automate group and actions coming from defined flows.

In addition, an individual user's access can be controlled by a new system permission Allow Action Automate and a ready-to-use permission set AUTOMATE - EXEC. Revoking this permission from a given user or role will hide the Automate group and prohibit running the actions created with Power Automate.

For admins who decide to fully switch the feature off for all users, the easiest way is to use TellMe (Alt+Q) to navigate to the Privacy Notices Status page, find the Power Automate entry, and select Disagree for Everyone.

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