Track items that are used in projects, including picks


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Business value

From the job planning lines, access the Item Tracking Lines page so you can define lot, serial numbers, or package details for the job planning line. This way, you speed up the actual consumption at later stages, and you unlock pick and planning scenarios.

Feature details

As the flow of goods in today's supply chain becomes more and more complex, keeping track of items is increasingly important to the companies involved. For example, monitoring an item's transaction flow is a legal requirement in the business of medical and chemical supply. Other businesses might want to monitor products with warranties or expiration dates for customer service reasons.

In this release wave, we extend the item tracking module to cover job planning lines. Users can find the Item Tracking Window action on the Job Planning Lines page and define specific lot, serial, or package number at an earlier stage. Item tracking is also a prerequisite for a number of scenarios, such as inventory picks or planning for specific item tracking.

You can specify item tracking only for lines of type Budget or Both Budget and Billable. Any specified serial and lot numbers affect only the consumption part of the process and will be transferred to job journal lines, the inventory pick process, and the warehouse pick process. Item tracking will not be transferred to sales invoices.


To use inventory pick or warehouse pick with jobs, you must switch on the Feature Update: Enable inventory and warehouse pick from Jobs capability on the Feature Management page.

The action Item Tracking Lines in the Job Planning Lines page.

Inventory Pick with tracked items

Warehouse Pick with tracked items

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