Adoption resources for your digital transformation with Dynamics 365

Modern business applications drive improvements in data integrity and completeness that enable faster, better decisions and more effective actions. For organizations that adopt digital transformation as a business strategy, the results are market differentiation and competitive advantage. We created Dynamics 365 to meet these evolving business needs.

For many organizations, the prospect of embracing digital transformation is daunting. Consumers have seen vast improvements in digital products and lifestyle technologies in recent years, but most businesses have been slower to change. That’s why we created the following resources to guide you on your organization's digital transformation journey:

For example, in the Adoption guide, we’ve compiled an easy-to-follow how-to guide that walks you and your team, step by step, through the best way to roll out Dynamics 365 to your organization. This guide focuses on the need to create a comprehensive adoption and change management (ACM) plan. To understand why change management is critical to the success of your Dynamics 365 digital transformation, you might find the "Driving Digital Transformation Change" video helpful.

Remember, you are not in this alone. There are many organizations who are currently launching Dynamics 365 technologies and you can connect with them in the Microsoft Dynamics community of experts and peers.

Other resources

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