Associate templates with workstreams

The session, notification, and application tab templates that you create need to be associated with a workstream so that the Omnichannel system uses the corresponding templates for an incoming conversation.

After an agent accepts the conversation request, a session starts for which the session template is used. In the session, certain application tabs are required such as dashboard, knowledge article search, and case pages. These application tabs are configured using the application tab templates and are associated with a session.

Associate templates with workstreams in Omnichannel admin center

After you create a workstream, you can modify the default templates that are attached to the workstream.

Perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the workstream for which you want to modify the template, and expand the Advanced settings section.

  2. Select Edit beside Sessions, and on the Sessions panel that appears, select a template in the Default template list.

  3. Select Save and close.

  4. Select Edit beside Agent notifications, and on the Agent notifications panel that appears, select a template for each of the following types of notifications:

    • Incoming unauthenticated
    • Incoming authenticated
    • Consult
    • Transfer
    • Supervisor assign
  5. Select Save and close.

Associate templates with workstreams in Omnichannel Administration


Support for the Omnichannel Administration app ended on April 30, 2022. The app will be removed in July 2023. We recommend that you use the Customer Service admin center app to configure the latest features, such as unified routing and voice channel. More information: Omnichannel Administration app is deprecated

You can attach only generic type of templates to work streams. By default, the out-of-the-box templates are associated based on the channel. However, you can replace the default templates with the ones that you create.

  1. Sign in to the Omnichannel Administration app.

  2. Select Work Streams under Work Distribution Management.

  3. Select a work stream for which you want to associate the templates.

  4. Select the Templates tab in the work stream. You can see the Sessions and Notifications sections.

  5. You can accept the default session template or select the search icon in Look for Session Templates.

  6. In the list of templates that you created, select a template.

  7. In the Notifications section, for each of the following fields, you can accept the default notification template or select the search icon in Look for Notification Templates, and select a template.

    • Incoming authenticated
    • Incoming unauthenticated
    • Consult
    • Transfer
    • Supervisor Assign
  8. Select Save to save the changes to the work stream.

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