Approval workflow notifications

Set up your workflows to automatically notify users when their attention is required for a step in a workflow. Many workflow responses involve notifying a user an event they must act on has occurred.

For example, you can set it so User 2, the approver user, receives a notification whenever User 1 requests approval for a new record. On the next workflow step, after User 2 approves the record, User 3 is notified and can begin a related processing of the record. With approval workflow steps, each notification is tied to an approval entry. Learn more at Workflow.


The default version of Business Central supports notifications in email or as internal notes.


All workflow notifications are sent through a job queue. Make sure the job queue in your installation is set up to handle workflow notifications, and that you've selected the Start Automatically From Server check box. Learn more at Use Job Queues to Schedule Tasks.

Set up notifications

You can set up different aspects of workflow notifications in the following places:

  • Approver notification

    For approval workflows, set up the recipients of workflow notifications by filling in a line on the Approval User Setup page for each user that takes part in the workflow.

    For example, if User 2 is specified in the Approver ID field on the line for User 1, then the approval request notification is sent to User 2. Learn more at Set Up Approval Users.

  • Notification schedules

    Set up when and how users receive workflow notifications by filling in the Notification Schedule page for each workflow user. Learn more at Specify When and How to Receive Notifications.

  • Customize the email notifications

    If you like, you can customize the content of the email notification by modifying Report 1320, Notification Email. Learn more at Create and Modify Custom Report Layouts.


    If you want to use email as the notification method, you must set up email for both the sender and the receiver in Business Central. Learn more at Set up Email.

  • Response options

    Set up specific content for and rules of a workflow notification when you create the workflow in question. Select the customization options on the Workflow Responses page for the workflow response that represents the notification. Learn more from step 9 in the Create Workflows section.

  • Notify sender

    For approval workflows, add a workflow response step to notify the sender when the request has been approved or rejected. Learn more from step 9 in the Create Workflows section.

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