Need More Time to Decide Whether to Subscribe?

It's important to make the right decision when choosing a business application, and we know that it can take time to explore all of the corners in Business Central. If you need more time to finish your evaluation, you can extend the trial period yourself for another 30 days. When the expiration date for your trial period is approaching, we will display a notification to alert you when you sign in. The notification contains a link to the Extend Trial Period guide that you can use to extend your trial period. The extra 30 days start the moment you choose Extend Trial in the guide.

Extending the trial period yourself is a one time-thing though. You cannot extend it twice, at least not yourself. If you have already extended the period, your Microsoft partner can extend it for you again. That's also a one-time thing. If you are not already working with a partner, see How do I find a reselling partner?.

To extend your trial period

  1. Sign in to Business Central at

    Sign in with the email account that you used when you signed up for the trial.

    If you signed up with an email account from a 30-day trial of Microsoft 365, then you must first extend your Microsoft 365 trial, or buy a Microsoft 365 subscription. For more information, see Extend your trial for Microsoft 365 for business.

  2. In the notification at the top of the workspace, choose Extend Trial.

    If you dismissed the notification, you must sign out and then sign in again.


If you cannot see the notification, you can force Business Central to run the Extend Trial assisted setup guide by adding the ?page=1828 parameter to the URL, such as in the following example:

What happens if my trial period is expired?

If your first 30-day trial period is expired, you can extend it yourself as described above, and things will be business as usual. Just sign in to the demonstration company and start the Extend Trial Period guide from the notification.

If you have created your own company, sign out and then sign in again with the credentials for that company.

If your organization has established a reseller relationship with a partner, they can sign in to your Business Central as a delegated administrator and run the same Extend Trial Period guide. For more information, see Extending trials (as an administrator).

However, after this second extension that has given your organization up to 90 days of trial, you must either subscribe to Business Central or abandon Business Central. If you decide to not continue, we recommend that you export any data that you rely on in your business.

When your extended trial period is expired, you can subscribe to Business Central within 90 days and continue working in the company you created. 90 days after the extended trial expires, we will delete your company and data unless you subscribe.


If a Business Central trial is left unused for 45 days, Microsoft considers the trial as expired, and the Business Central tenant is deleted.

If the trial is converted to a paid subscription before the trial expires, the countdown to 45 days of non-usage does not apply.

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