About Copilot in Business Central

This article answers common questions about Microsoft Copilot in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

What is Copilot in Business Central?

Copilot is the AI-powered assistant that helps spark creativity, boost productivity, and eliminate tedious tasks. Copilot in Business Central is the world's first AI-powered assistant across all lines of business. With Copilot in Business Central, small and medium-sized organizations empower their workers through intuitive AI tools that boost creativity and save time.

Where can I find the list of Copilot features in Business Central?

Copilot includes a constantly expanding set of capabilities that help users in different roles and tasks. Learn more about Copilot and other AI features in Business Central.

Is Copilot free?

Currently, Copilot in Business Central is included with your Business Central license at no extra cost. However, fair-use policies, quotas, or pricing might be introduced later.

Does Copilot in Business Central require a minimum number of users?

Currently, no minimum number of users is required to start to use Copilot in Business Central.

How does Copilot use the Azure AI time quota that is included with licenses?

Business Central offers numerous AI-powered features. Some features, such as sales and inventory forecasting, use specific machine learning models. These features rely on Azure AI and aren't related to Copilot. As the Dynamics 365 licensing guide indicates, 30 minutes of Azure AI time are included with Business Central licenses. This quota refers to non-Copilot features, where consumption of Azure AI time has no effect on Copilot in Business Central.

Is Copilot in Business Central available worldwide?

Copilot includes a constantly expanding set of capabilities that help users in different roles and tasks. Each Copilot capability defines its own list of supported regions and supported languages. Although most features might be available only in English at first, we aim to unlock more languages and regions over time. Get an overview of the Copilot languages and regions that are available for business applications.

Is Copilot aware of my environment customizations?

Some but not all Copilot features can work with your custom pages and tables. For example, you can use analysis assist on your custom lists, or you can use chat with Copilot to find records in custom tables. To learn which Copilot features work with customizations, consult the articles for each feature.

Does Copilot have to be trained on my data?

Copilot in Business Central relies on powerful AI foundation models that are coupled with data management features of the Business Central platform. No expensive or time-consuming training is needed before your organization can start to use Copilot with your own company data.

Can I develop my own copilots for Business Central?

You can extend and enhance Copilot in Business Central by using tools that are part of Business Central's standard development platform. Learn how to integrate AI by using the developer tools for Copilot.

You can also connect copilots by using Copilot Studio. In addition, you can implement your own standalone AI-powered apps and services that connect to Business Central. Learn how to develop or customize copilot experiences across the Microsoft Cloud.

How do I stay up with the latest news about Copilot in Business Central?

For news about Copilot and other AI innovation in Business Central, you can follow the release plans.

As a Business Central partner, how easily can I demonstrate Copilot in Business Central to my customers?

Copilot in Business Central is automatically available when you provision a Microsoft Entra tenant with a Business Central environment on the Customer Digital Experiences (CDX) site. Learn how to prepare demonstrations of Business Central.

Depending on the environment that you provision, extra setup might be required. Learn how to configure Copilot and AI capabilities.

Is there a difference between Copilot in Business Central and Copilot for Microsoft 365?

Microsoft empowers people to achieve more through copilots that are adapted to different situations. For example, Copilot for Microsoft 365 is the AI assistant that is intended for working with Microsoft Teams, Excel, and other productivity apps. Copilot in Business Central is the AI assistant that is intended specifically for the Business Central app.

Does Copilot in Business Central work with Copilot for Microsoft 365?

Currently, there is no connection between Copilot in Business Central and Copilot for Microsoft 365.

Is Copilot available for Business Central online only?

Yes, Copilot is exclusive to Business Central online. Therefore, it isn't available for other deployment types, such as on-premises or private cloud.

Is Copilot available to Embed applications?

Currently, because of technical limitations, we can't offer Copilot to customers who run independent software vendor (ISV) Embed apps. ISVs can extend Copilot with their own functionality or provide alternative uses of generative AI.

How does Copilot approach AI safety?

Generative AI within Copilot in Business Central is aligned with Microsoft's responsible AI principles, including fairness, reliability, safety, privacy and security, inclusiveness, transparency, and accountability. Learn how each Copilot capability was responsibly built.

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