Design Details: Integration with Inventory

Warehouse management and inventory features interact with one another in physical inventory and in inventory or warehouse adjustment.

Physical inventory

The Whse. Phys. Inventory Journal page is used with the Phys. Inventory Journal page for all advanced warehouse locations. The inventory on bin level is calculated, and a printed list is provided for the warehouse employee. The list shows which items in which bins must be counted.

The warehouse employee enters the counted quantity on the Whse. Phys. Inventory Journal page and then posts the journal.

If the counted quantity is greater than the quantity on the journal line, a movement is posted for this difference from the default adjustment bin to the counted bin. This increases the quantity in the counted bin and decreases the quantity in the default adjustment bin.

If the quantity counted is less than the quantity on the journal line, a movement for this difference is posted from the counted bin to the default adjustment bin. This decreases the quantity in the counted bin and increases the quantity in the default adjustment bin.

In advanced warehouse configurations, the value in the Quantity (Calculated) field is retrieved from item ledger entries and the value in the Quantity (Phys. Inventory) field is retrieved from warehouse entries, excluding the adjustment bin content. The Quantity field specifies the difference between the first two fields, which should be equal to the contents of the adjustment bin.

When you post the physical inventory journal, the inventory and the default adjustment bin are updated.


To avoid mistakes, use the Preview Posting action to review the entries that posting will create.

Warehouse adjustments to the item ledger

You use the Item Journal page and the Calculate Whse. Adjustment function to adjust inventory on the item ledger in accordance with an adjustment that has been made to the item quantity in a warehouse bin. To create a link between the inventory and the warehouse, you must define a default adjustment bin per location.

The default adjustment bin registers items in the warehouse when you post an increase for the inventory. However, if you post a decrease, the quantity on the default bin is also decreased. In both cases, item ledger entries and warehouse entries are created.


Inventory calculations don't include the adjustment bin.

To adjust the bin content, use a warehouse item journal, where you can enter the item number, zone code, bin code, and quantity to adjust.

If you enter a positive quantity and post the line, then the inventory stored in the bin increases, and the quantity of the default adjustment bin decreases correspondingly.

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