Moving from Beta to v1.0

With the April 2019 release of Business Central, the standard APIs were released in version 1.0.

API version numbers are managed in the URI{environment name}/api/{API VERSION}/. For example, for v1.0 of the API the URI is


The beta API will remain live until April 2020. It's recommended to move to v1.0 as soon as possible. When moving from beta to v1.0, pay attention to changes related to URIs of the document APIs, and to the customer APIs where balance, overdueAmount, and totalSalesExcludingTax have moved to the customerFinancialDetails API. Other changes are additive.

Comparing Business Central beta API, to Business Central v1.0 APIs have the following changes.

Entity Changes
customer Properties balance, overdueAmount, totalSalesExcludingTax have moved to a new entity customerFinancialDetails, which has a relation to the customer entity.
customerFinancialDetails Entity added.
companyInformation businessProfileId has been removed.
salesInvoice, salesOrder, salesQuote Billing, shipping and selling postal addresses are added.
purchaseInvoice buyFrom, payTo and shipTp addresses added.
salesInvoiceLine, salesOrderLine, salesQuoteLine, salesCreditMemoLine, purchaseInvoiceLine Key changed from multipart key, to a single key. Type has changed from Guid to String.
salesCreditMemo Billing and selling addresses added, and properties phoneNumber and email.
journalLine Added attachment, so attachments can be added to journalLine".
timeRegistrationEntry New entity. Makes it possible to add employee time registrations.
salesQuote Properties phoneNumber and email have been added.

For a full comparison of API versions, compare the metadata of the APIs. Using OAuth, tenant ID is not needed in the URI when querying:


Using Basic Auth:

GET{tenant Id}/{environment}/api/v1.0/$metadata

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