countryRegion resource type

Represents a country/region in Business Central.


For information about enabling APIs for Business Central see Enabling the APIs for Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Method Return Type Description
GET countryRegion countryRegion Gets a country/region object.
DELETE countryRegion none Deletes a country/region object.
POST countryRegion countryRegion Creates a country/region object.
PATCH countryRegion countryRegion Updates a country/region object.


Property Type Description
id GUID The unique ID of the country/region. Non-editable.
code string The code of the country/region.
displayName string Specifies the country/region's name. This name will appear on all sales documents for the country/region.
addressFormat NAV.countryRegionAddressFormat Specifies the format of the address that is displayed on external-facing documents. You link an address format to a country/region code so that external-facing documents based on cards or documents with that country/region code use the specified address format.
lastModifiedDateTime datetime The last datetime the country/region was modified. Read-Only.

JSON representation

Here is a JSON representation of the countryRegion resource.

    "id": "GUID",
    "code": "string",
    "displayName": "string",
    "addressFormat": "NAV.countryRegionAddressFormat",
    "lastModifiedDateTime": "datetime"

See Also

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