salesOrder resource type

Represents a sales order in Business Central.


For information about enabling APIs for Business Central see Enabling the APIs for Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Method Return Type Description
GET salesOrder salesOrder Gets a sales order object.
DELETE salesOrder none Deletes a sales order object.
POST salesOrder salesOrder Creates a sales order object.
PATCH salesOrder salesOrder Updates a sales order object.

Bound Actions

The salesOrder resource type offers a bound action called shipAndInvoice which ships and invoices the corresponding salesOrder batch. This is illustrated in the following example: SHIPANDINVOICE https://<server address>:<server API port>/<server instance name>/api/v2.0/companies({id})/salesOrders({id})/Microsoft.NAV.shipAndInvoice

The response has no content; the response code is 204.

Navigation Return Type Description
customer customer Gets the customer of the salesOrder.
countryRegion countryRegion Gets the countryregion of the salesOrder.
dimensionValue dimensionValue Gets the dimensionvalue of the salesOrder.
currency currency Gets the currency of the salesOrder.
paymentTerm paymentTerm Gets the paymentterm of the salesOrder.
shipmentMethod shipmentMethod Gets the shipmentmethod of the salesOrder.
dimensionSetLines dimensionSetLines Gets the dimensionsetlines of the salesOrder.
salesOrderLines salesOrderLines Gets the salesorderlines of the salesOrder.
attachments attachments Gets the attachments of the salesOrder.


Property Type Description
id GUID The unique ID of the sales order. Non-editable.
number string Specifies the number of the sales order.
externalDocumentNumber string Specifies an external document number for the sales order.
orderDate date The order date.
postingDate date The date that the sales order is posted.
customerId GUID The unique ID of customer.
customerNumber string The customer's number.
customerName string The customer's name.
billToName string Bill to name.
billToCustomerId GUID Bill to customer id.
billToCustomerNumber string Bill to customer number.
shipToName string Ship to name.
shipToContact string Ship to contact.
sellToAddressLine1 string Sell to address line 1.
sellToAddressLine2 string Sell to address line 2.
sellToCity string Sell to city.
sellToCountry string Sell to country.
sellToState string Sell to state.
sellToPostCode string Sell to post code.
billToAddressLine1 string Bill to address line 1.
billToAddressLine2 string Bill to address line 2.
billToCity string Bill to city.
billToCountry string Bill to country.
billToState string Bill to state.
billToPostCode string Bill to post code.
shipToAddressLine1 string Ship to address line 1.
shipToAddressLine2 string Ship to address line 2.
shipToCity string Ship to city.
shipToCountry string Ship to country.
shipToState string Ship to state.
shipToPostCode string Ship to post code.
shortcutDimension1Code string
shortcutDimension2Code string
currencyId GUID Specifies which currency the sales order uses.
currencyCode string The default currency code for the sales order.
pricesIncludeTax boolean Specifies whether the prices include Tax or not. Read-Only.
paymentTermsId GUID Specifies which payment term the sales order uses.
shipmentMethodId GUID Specifies which shipment method the sales order uses.
salesperson string The salesperson code for the sales order.
partialShipping boolean Specifies whether partial shipping of items is preferred or not.
requestedDeliveryDate date The requested delivery date.
discountAmount decimal The sales order discount amount.
discountAppliedBeforeTax boolean Specifies whether the discount is applied before tax.
totalAmountExcludingTax decimal The total amount excluding tax. Read-Only.
totalTaxAmount decimal The total tax amount for the sales order. Read-Only.
totalAmountIncludingTax decimal The total amount including tax. Read-Only.
fullyShipped boolean Specifies whether the items of the sales order were fully shipped or not.
status NAV.salesOrderEntityBufferStatus Specifies the status of the sales order. It can be "Draft", "In Review" or "Open".
lastModifiedDateTime datetime The last datetime the sales order was modified. Read-Only.
phoneNumber string Specifies the sales order's telephone number.
email string Specifies the sales order's email address.

JSON representation

Here is a JSON representation of the salesOrder resource.

    "id": "GUID",
    "number": "string",
    "externalDocumentNumber": "string",
    "orderDate": "date",
    "postingDate": "date",
    "customerId": "GUID",
    "customerNumber": "string",
    "customerName": "string",
    "billToName": "string",
    "billToCustomerId": "GUID",
    "billToCustomerNumber": "string",
    "shipToName": "string",
    "shipToContact": "string",
    "sellToAddressLine1": "string",
    "sellToAddressLine2": "string",
    "sellToCity": "string",
    "sellToCountry": "string",
    "sellToState": "string",
    "sellToPostCode": "string",
    "billToAddressLine1": "string",
    "billToAddressLine2": "string",
    "billToCity": "string",
    "billToCountry": "string",
    "billToState": "string",
    "billToPostCode": "string",
    "shipToAddressLine1": "string",
    "shipToAddressLine2": "string",
    "shipToCity": "string",
    "shipToCountry": "string",
    "shipToState": "string",
    "shipToPostCode": "string",
    "shortcutDimension1Code": "string",
    "shortcutDimension2Code": "string",
    "currencyId": "GUID",
    "currencyCode": "string",
    "pricesIncludeTax": "boolean",
    "paymentTermsId": "GUID",
    "shipmentMethodId": "GUID",
    "salesperson": "string",
    "partialShipping": "boolean",
    "requestedDeliveryDate": "date",
    "discountAmount": "decimal",
    "discountAppliedBeforeTax": "boolean",
    "totalAmountExcludingTax": "decimal",
    "totalTaxAmount": "decimal",
    "totalAmountIncludingTax": "decimal",
    "fullyShipped": "boolean",
    "status": "NAV.salesOrderEntityBufferStatus",
    "lastModifiedDateTime": "datetime",
    "phoneNumber": "string",
    "email": "string"

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