Microsoft responsibilities for apps on Business Central online

Business Central online is a cloud service for small to medium-sized businesses that is built on and for Microsoft Azure. Business Central brings together the business management solution, business intelligence, infrastructure, computing, and database services in a single offering that enables organizations to run horizontal or industry-specific apps from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), without the hassle of managing infrastructure.

The Business Central online model distinguishes specific roles and responsibilities for partner-provided vertical solutions, system integrators, resellers, and Microsoft throughout the life cycle of the service. Microsoft maintains the Business Central service by deploying, actively monitoring, and servicing the customers' production tenants that are running on the service. This includes allocating the required system infrastructure to run the service and proactively communicating to customers about the service's health (which is done through the Service Health dashboard in the Microsoft 365 Admin Portal).

Microsoft responsibilities in the Business Central online service include:

Area Responsibilities
  • Storage and database capacity management
  • High availability and disaster recovery
  • Platform security and compliance
  • Infrastructure capacity, scaling in response to demand
  • Infrastructure management and deployment
  • Data center networking, power, and cooling
Base application and platform
  • Availability and security
  • Diagnostics, patches, updates, hotfixes, and updates
  • Monitoring and first-line support for partners building apps
Lifecyle Services portal (EmbedApp program)
  • Development, deployment, and support of the portal functionality
  • High availability and disaster recovery
  • Monitoring, updating and patching
  • First-line support for partners

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