FAQ about managing and submitting your Business Central offer

This section contains answers to frequently asked questions about managing the offer in Partner Center when you submit an app for Business Central.

If I select the Go Live button, does that mean my app goes live to AppSource?

No. This button is deceiving, and I wish it were worded differently. When you select this button, it triggers our validation process and puts your app into our validation queue.

What should I know about the review and publish button?

This is the button you should select when you want to submit your app for validation each time. Once you select the button, it takes you to a Review and publish page. Make sure all checkboxes are marked on that page. This pulls in all changed data into our validation queuing system properly.

I only made marketing changes. Will my app have to go through technical validation?

No. If you don't change your app in a submission, we skip technical validation.

Is there a good way get the status of the validation as it happens?

Collect telemetry data in Microsoft Azure Application Insights. When you submit an app to AppSource, it starts an automated validation process. This process ensures the extensions in the app meet the technical requirements for going live. It goes through many of the same checks described in technical validation. Starting with version 18.4, if an app's set up for it, telemetry traces for the app submission can be emitted to and recorded in Application Insights. The data provides immediate details about the success or failure of different phases of the validation. For more information, see Sending Extension Telemetry to Azure Application Insights and Analyzing AppSource Submission Validation Trace Telemetry..

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