Creating and Interacting with an OData V4 Bound Action

This topic provides an overview of how to expose a procedure as an OData V4 web service action and how to verify that the service is working as expected.

Declaring the OData bound action

The following example shows you how you can declare an OData bound action on a page exposed as a web service. For that, you need to add a procedure to the SalesInvoiceCopy page, expose the procedure using the [ServiceEnabled] attribute, and use the WebServiceActionContext and WebServiceActionResultCode AL types to set the result of the function.


Bound actions cannot be added by extending an existing page that has been exposed as a web service.

page 50110 SalesInvoiceCopy
    ODataKeyFields = "Id";
    SourceTable = "Sales Header";

                field(Id; Id)
                    ApplicationArea = All;

                field("No."; "No.")
                    ApplicationArea = All;

                field("Sell-to Customer No."; "Sell-to Customer No.")
                    ApplicationArea = All;

    trigger OnOpenPage()
        rec.SetRange("Document Type", rec."Document Type"::Invoice);

    procedure Copy(var actionContext: WebServiceActionContext)
        FromSalesHeader: Record "Sales Header";
        ToSalesHeader: Record "Sales Header";
        SalesSetup: Record "Sales & Receivables Setup";
        CopyDocMgt: Codeunit "Copy Document Mgt.";
        DocType: Option Quote,"Blanket Order",Order,Invoice,"Return Order","Credit Memo","Posted Shipment","Posted Invoice","Posted Return Receipt","Posted Credit Memo";
        CopyDocMgt.SetProperties(true, false, false, false, false, SalesSetup."Exact Cost Reversing Mandatory", false);

        FromSalesHeader.Get(rec."Document Type", rec."No.");
        ToSalesHeader."Document Type" := FromSalesHeader."Document Type";

        CopyDocMgt.CopySalesDoc(DocType::Invoice, FromSalesHeader."No.", ToSalesHeader);

        actionContext.AddEntityKey(Rec.FIELDNO(Id), ToSalesHeader.Id);

        // Set the result code to inform the caller that an item was created.

Registering and publishing the page as a web service

  1. Open the Business Central Web Client.
  2. In the Search box, enter Web Services, and choose the related link.
  3. In the Web Services page, on the Home tab, choose New.
  4. In the Object Type column, select Page. In the Object ID column, enter 43, and in the Service Name column, enter SalesInvoiceCopy.
  5. Select the check box in the Published column.
  6. When you publish the web service, in the OData URL and SOAP URL fields, you can see the URLs that are generated for the web service.

Verifying the web service availability

HTTP request

POST /ODataV4/Company({companyName})/SalesInvoiceCopy({id})/NAV.Copy

Request headers

Header Value
Authorization Bearer {token}. Required.



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