Migration JSON file

INTRODUCED IN: Business Central 2019 Release Wave 2, update 15.3, for on-premises only

Data migration allows you to move table and field data between extensions. The migration.json file provides a pointer to the ID of an app that one or more tables will be moved to. This file allows you to move table and field data from, for example, a code-customization on the base application to an extension of the base application. The migration.json file can be added into the app project of an extension that a table is moved from to specify the ID of the app that the table will be moved to. It can, for example, be placed at the root of the AL project. The migration.json file must be created manually by following the steps and syntax as described below.

In the extension app.json file, ensure that "target": "OnPrem". For more information, see JSON Files.

Create the migration.json file

  1. In the root folder of the app project that will migrate data to a different app project, choose New File.
  2. Name the file migration.json.
  3. Edit the file by adding one or more IDs inside the "apprules":[] section, such as:
    "apprules": [ 
            "id": "12345678-abcd-abcd-abcd-1234567890ab" 
  1. Save the migration.json file in the project.

You now have the migration file in place for the data migration from one app project to another. The migration file will be used for performing the data migration steps. For more information, see Migrating Tables and Fields Between Extensions.

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