Object Ranges in Business Central

When you develop an app for Business Central online, you must request an object range in terms of licensing. Development for Business Central is done using Visual Studio Code with the AL Language extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

There are currently two available ranges that you can request. Both have some characteristics to keep in mind:

  • RSP Object Range (ID range 1,000,000-69,999,999)

    This object range is tied to the RSP Program details.


    We currently advise new publishers to not request an RSP object range

  • App Object Range (ID range 70,000,000-74,999,999)

    This object range was originally designed just for apps in the Microsoft commercial marketplace to be used in Business Central online.


    We currently advise new publishers to request an app object range.

Currently, you can implement apps developed in both the RSP range and the app object range in Business Central online and on-premises, as well as partner-hosted.

For more information, see Requesting an object range.

The following sections describe the different object ranges that you can find in the base application and extensions.


This range is assigned to Business Central base app functionality and must not be used in extensions or customizations.


This range is for customizations, and for test purposes. For Business Central online, a partner can develop an extension tailored to the individual tenant to fit the needs. The partner will develop the extension either by using a sandbox tenant or by obtaining a Docker image. Once the development is done, the extension can be deployed to the individual tenant.

Also, use this range as part of training and similar, such as if you're using a sandbox tenant or a build of Business Central on Docker.


The objects in this range are designed when the Microsoft team localizes Business Central for a specific country or region. These objects can't be used by partners.


This object range is intended for the Registered Solution Program (RSP). The partner can choose to use this range for developing extensions that can be used in Business Central online or on-premises. When used in Business Central online, these extensions are obtained as apps from appsource.microsoft.com.


Partners can obtain IDs in this range for extensions for Business Central online. These extensions are obtained as apps from appsource.microsoft.com.

For more information, see Get Started with Building Apps.

Download the Business Central licensing guide here.

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