Opening the Business Central Tablet or Phone Client from a Browser

You can open the Business Central tablet client or the Business Central phone client by using a browser from a device that has a network connection. This can make it easier to test your solution during the design phase.


The steps in this article illustrates how you can open the Business Central tablet client in a browser. The syntax and options for opening Business Central phone client in a browser are the same; just replace tablet with phone in the examples later in this section.

To open Business Central tablet client in a browser

  1. Open the web browser.

  2. In the address box of the browser, type one of the following URLs.

    To open URL Example
    The Role Center for the default company https://ComputerName:Port/WebServerInstance/tablet

    Or (for multitenant deployments)

    The Role Center for a specific company https://ComputerName:Port/WebServerInstance/tablet?company=CompanyName


    A specific page https://ComputerName:Port/WebServerInstance/tablet?page=ID


    A specific report https://ComputerName:Port/WebServerInstance/tablet?report=ID


    A specific profile https://ComputerName:Port/WebServerInstance/tablet?profile=ProfileID



    Substitute the following parameters:

    • ComputerName with the name of the computer that is running the Business Central Web Server components.

    • Port with the port number that you configured for the Business Central Web Server components during installation.

    • WebServerInstance with the virtual directory alias under which the Business Central tablet client or the Business Central phone client exists on the web server. For more information, see Installing Business Central Using Setup.

    • TenantID with the name of the tenant that you want to connect to. This parameter is only required when Business Central is deployed in a multitenant architecture. The tenant that you specify must be mounted on the Business Central Server instance that the Business Central Web client connects to. For more information, see Multitenant Deployment Architecture.

    • CompanyName with the name of the company in Business Central. This parameter is optional and is only needed if you want to open a different company than the one specified in My Settings.

    • ID with the ID that is assigned to the page or report in Business Central.

    • ProfileID with the ID that is assigned to the profile in Business Central.

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